Butterscotch Blondies with Cashews

Butterscotch chips and cashew squares with chocolate glaze

We often enjoy Chocolate and peanut butter together. One can also fall in love with the flavors of coffee and caramel. But it’s seldom that one appreciates how well Butterscotch mingles with cashews. It’s an understated yet heavenly combination. These Butterscotch Blondies celebrate this grand combo!     Do you remember my “Butterscotch Ice cream Cake”? That’s where my love for Butterscotch and cashews started. This one-bowl, no messy recipe makes deliciously addictive Butterscotch Blondies. Thick and chewy, buttery with caramel goodness from the butterscotch chips and crunch from the nutty cashews. They are so addictive,that they are potentially dangerous […]

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