Holiday in Bhutan

I am so excited to pen down this post and tell you guys about my recent holiday in Bhutan. Bhutan is this magical country that is totally shrouded in Buddhism! It is beautiful, mesmerizing and mystical! Memories of this holiday in Bhutan are always going to stay fresh in a corner of my heart.     The three of us (me, my brother and sister) ventured on this beautiful vacation by taking a flight via Bhutan Airlines. You won’t believe but the magic of Bhutan starts mid -air itself, when the pilot announces the names of different Himalayan mountain peaks […]

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McleodGanj Travel

How do you break from the routine, the mundaneness, the fast pace of life? Do you just take a leave from work? Do you visit family or friends? How do you break free? I think travelling is the best way to do that! Travel liberates and enlightens you! You realize that there is a whole different world of people, cultures and cuisines out there! I haven’t been fortunate to travel much, so far. But really wish to do so :). Not many of you know, that I am a practicing Dental surgeon. And traveling is not part of the job […]

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