Owl Cake

Owl Cake

This is not my  first attempt at an owl shaped cake. Actually my sister loves owls, and I made the first owl cake for her birthday. But this one I made for her promotion, because being an elder sister her promotion mean lots of shopping for me 😀

Owl Cake

Lots of clothes, shoes and baking stuff 😀 So you see I have to make an impression when I congratulate her with this cake.

Its full of candies and chocolates, whatever I could lay my hands at.

Owl Cake

Begin with a chocolate cake. Your  favourite chocolate cake recipe. I used my favourite, the eggless chocolate cake recipe, the one I used  in the chocolate truffle cake post.

Now carve it into an owl shape and spread loads of chocolate ganache over it. Spread generously over the top and the sides.

Now for  the fun part, use all the creativity you have and deck it up with your favourite candies!

I made its eyes with two sunfeast  dark fantasy chocolate biscuits, outlined with some  coarsely grinded almonds. Then, used some white chocolate for its nose. Lots of colorful gems made for its huge stomach. And the rest of the owl cake was covered with dairy milk shots  😀

The colors, candies and chocolate overdose could have easily made up for a birthday cake for a 4 yr old  😛 but she loved it totally!! Infact she almost drooled over its pictures which I sent her while she was still at work.

Owl Cake

Mission accomplished!

This last picture is of my earlier attempt of the owl cake. Though not so attractive it was a chocolate roller-coaster ride with both white and dark chocolate ganaches, roasted sliced almonds made for its feathers in this one.

Owl Cake

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  1. An owl cake………..wow that looks amazing…………….and soooooo yummmy toooooo………

  2. This is hands down the best recipe on this blog! And I am the lucky elder sis who devoured this as soon as it was presented to her! It was rich, moist and full of comforting and sinful chocolate. But the highlight were all the candies on the top! 🙂

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