Chocolate Brownie with White Chocolate Frosting

Chocolate Brownie with White Chocolate Frosting

Hey Folks!!

Love is in the air, Valentine’s Day  is approaching ☺

Have you decided what you will be gifting your valentine this year? Or maybe yourself: D After all self-love is the best form of  love.

Checkout Valentine’s Day gifting ideas on, my sister’s blog. She has put together some of the best things on the web which anyone would love to receive!

You could also bake something for him/her. Internet is buzzing with Valentine’s Day recipes and they are all so impressive.

As always I was short of time and needed something quick. So, I baked this for the occasion – A heart shaped fudgy chocolate brownie with white chocolate frosting!!

Chocolate Brownie with White Chocolate Frosting

Chocolate Brownie with White Chocolate Frosting

And to make sure it looked all lovey-dovey; I added heart sprinkles and swirled in hearts in the frosting.

You know how the heart is the big thing on Valentine’s Day. These hearts just brought the WOW factor to this simple brownie.

Though they were nowhere near perfect: P  But common, give it to me. It was the first time I tried this heart swirl thing.

The recipe that I used for the brownie is the one I used earlier too, in the Brownie with marbled icing post.

Just add 200 gms of chopped dark chocolate to the batter to make it extra fudgy and chocolatey. I baked mine in a heart shaped tin to mark the occasion 😉

For the white chocolate frosting, you will need –

  • 250 gms of chopped white chocolate
  • 50 gms of unsalted butter
  • Half cup milk

Take a heavy bottom saucepan and mix all the three ingredients together. Cook on medium heat while stirring continuously until you get a smooth white chocolate sauce. Don’t worry about the thin consistency, it will thicken as it cools down.

Once thickened, remove ¼ cup and pour the rest over the cooled brownie.

Now for the Heart Trick, add 2-3 drops of red food colouring to the separated frosting. Fill a clean syringe with the red frosting and pipe small circles in a straight line one below the other.

Now take a toothpick and run it through the center of each circle, again in a straight line.(Don’t lift the toothpick till you glide through the last circle in the line)

Chocolate Brownie with White Chocolate Frosting


It just looks so pretty ☺ It makes you want to fall in love!

I also had these pink pearls and heart sprinkles lying around. So I added them to spread more love and feed the creative artist inside me 😀

Once you are done decorating your piece of art, don’t forget to impress your loved ones! Don’t tell them the trick, just bask in the glory of your gorgeous work!

Chocolate Brownie with White Chocolate Frosting

It looks awesome and tastes even better. The bittersweet chocolate brownie tastes perfect with the sweet white chocolate frosting. Full of love and chocolate! Sinful!!


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  1. Oh my God – this cake is delightful and so perfect for valentine’s day. It is possibly my next favorite from your blog after the owl cake! Thanks for the shout-out and wish you an amazing day filled with love 🙂

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