Black Forest Tart

Black forest Tart

Ours is a household, where anything chocolate is devoured down pretty quickly! Both my siblings, me and mommy, all of us love the dark richness of Chocolate. Daddy is not crazy for desserts. He loves all Indian sweets, but he isn’t a fan of the cakes with frostings that make an appearance on the blog :D. This Black Forest Tart was made at just an hour’s notice. So you can imagine how quick and easy this is! My brother was craving something chocolate and whipped cream. As I was checking my pantry staples to bake something for him, I came […]

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Guilt-free Chocolate Tart

Guilt Free Chocolate Tart

It’s difficult when you want to eat something sinful which is guilt-free as well. Everyone at home has been counting calories and trying to loose weight. I am also worried about the few extra inches that I have managed to pile on my waist. But you know how much I love to be in the kitchen, next to my oven 🙂   That is how this Guilt-free Chocolate Tart happened. And I am more than happy that I tried something like this. I have always been attracted to Tarts displayed up at bakeries. And always end up disappointed when I […]

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