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The joy of Baking v/s the love of Dentistry!

Deepika Katyal

The dilemma of my life – A Dentist by profession, but a baker at heart!
Did anyone ever know that the smell of a cake baking can relieve all stress for some people. Well, I am one of those.
Whenever I have a bad day, whenever I need something to comfort me, I go back to my baking supplies and bake a soft and fluffy cake or maybe some cupcakes with fluffy frosting. Yummm!! It already brings a beaming smile on my face. The mere presence of a chocolate frosted cake makes this world so good. People tell me that if you turn your passion into your profession you can make wonders in your field and mint all the money. But what if you have two entirely different passions. What if I love baking and pulling out teeth at the same time. What if the smell of butter and the queue of patients both make me go crazy…..
Is it necessary to choose one ? Cant I have the fun of enjoying both ?
Never mind, let the mind think, till I bake some chocolate chip muffins and brew some hot coffee.

Deepika Katyal


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